A Mother's Love

A mother's love is always there,
Forever given through happiness and pain,
Unconditionally given in good stead,
Without a thought as to gain.

Her love given through joy of life,
Never wavering when times are bad,
No obstacle is too great a strife,
Special moments making it all worthwhile.

A smile is enough to set her heart alight,
Then a word to make her laugh,
The whole world becomes so bright,
What has happened before is in the past.

Words said in anger soon put to one side,
Time to have space, for tempers to cool,
The air needs to be cleared, not to hide,
Sometimes the space becomes a void pit.

Patience is part of a mother's love,
Wisdom is part of her life learnt,
One day her son will rise above,
The anger inside that will be burnt.

His mother's wisdom will be passed on,
Inherited from the one who's loved from the start
Nurture has always played it's part his life upon,
Nurture has always in his life been a part.
Philippa Hope-Hornsey