Beautiful Dream

The sun rises to a beautiful summer's day,
The trees sway in the breeze touched by the sun's rays,
Birds flying in the sky some eating breadcrumbs,
Butterflies hovering in between flowers while bees hum.

My husband is eating breakfast without a fuss,
My son has just risen eyes blurry not focused,
My twins already fed and dressed giggling,
Over the floor their toys while they are wriggling.

I am tired, happy and smiling broadly,
How better could my life be I can't be bored,
My life complete without a doubt my family with me,
For so long I have wanted my life happy to be.

Morning flies by I am so busy with my family,
Wanted by them loving it all greedily,
No riches I want as I am richly loved by all,
What more do I want nothing that I can recall.

The room slowly darkens I feel so sleepy,
I feel bewildered the darkness is very creepy,
My eyes begin to open and I am lying in bed,
It was all a dream of my perfect family life.

My husband is half asleep upon the settee,
My son is in Canada probably fast asleep,
No twins for me, no other children,
Maybe one day my dream will come true.

Philippa Hope-Hornsey