A bright, sunny winter's morning,
Fresh yet bitingly cold,
A lady trying to find her way,
On life's treacherous path.

A full life she has led,
Wanting adventure at every turn,
Heartache and happiness both fed,
Loneliness also part of the road.

Commitment to others a chore,
Too many times she has been hurt,
Safeness too much of a bore,
Danger dangling like a carrot.

Fear stems from verbal abuse,
From her parents insensitivity,
Hatred of them she tries to refuse,
A sister she wishes she could love.

Years have taken their toll,
Suffering in her silence,
Wanting to speak her goal,
Of pain caused by her family.

Lies and secrets part of the course,
Confidence and self esteem whittled away,
Not trusting anybody her driving force,
Lonely even with those she loves.

She is in mid life,
Scared of what the future holds,
Happiness she strives,
Before she is much older.

Philippa Hope-Hornsey