Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a precious time,
A day to honour your mother,
And a day for hope for the future,
Of love always being shared.

What about the forgotten mothers?
The ones who have no child,
Lost yet never forgotten ever,
Not to be remembered by their child.

A mother yet not a mother,
Society sees to this for them,
Hearts aching to be acknowledged,
Silently hoping and praying.

Hearts yearning for their lost child,
The hole never being filled,
Pain burying deep down inside,
Sorrow hidden by a well worn mask.

Dreams of being acknowledged one day,
Hope flickering like a candle brightly,
Of the door being flung open,
For all mothers to be rejoiced.

A mother's love is forever eternal,
Like a flame burning brightly and strong,
No wind strong enough to blow it out,
Shining strongly like a beacon in heaven.

Philippa Hope-Hornsey