Pain In My Heart

Words that shouldn't have been said,
Anger taking over from common sense,
Emotions taking over instead of being shared,
So a wall is put up, if not a fence.

Fear takes over instead of our common sense,
Not wanting any one to get too close,
Pain, fear, friendship and happiness untold,
Trust never found for fear of betrayal.

My pain has been with me for so long,
I wanted to let go but my son couldn't,
His anger and mistrust taking over completely,
He needed space yet I couldn't take anymore.

Now I am dealing with my pain with good help,
My son not dealing with his, weighing me down,
I have to deal with mine without him in my life,
Sadness is overwhelming but what can I do?

My son has to deal with his anger and pain,
I want to help him yet he wont let me,
I have to let go for my own sanity,
Life goes on the best way I know how.

Philippa Hope-Hornsey