29th January 2012

Time has flown by over the past week.  On Monday it felt as if we didn't stop and to really cheer me up I sprained my ankle in the evening.  We were visiting a friend and I slipped outside his front door as the ground was very slippy.  I'm still in pain with it and my ankle swells up quickly when I walk.

The past week I have been spending too much time on Y!A again.  It's back to the predictable questions including the 'I only want to adopt a baby and I want to adopt now', 'why are people so anti-adoption' and the 'I'm giving up my baby to adoption how will I feel afterwards'  questions. The people who are desperate to adopt irritate me because they really don't get it how offensive their questions are.  They are the first ones to want to sell themselves and in the next breath have a low opinion of mothers who have surrendered. 

The people who can't understand why anybody can be anti-adoption are usually people who haven't been directly affected by adoption.  They tend to be very huffy about any negative comments by those who have been affected by adoption.  We are the ones who have to live with adoption so our comments should be taken seriously.

The third question I can understand because these expectant mothers want to prepare themselves.  The odd one will slip through that doesn't like answers.  There was one day and I am fairly certain she is British and seems to be very positive about surrendering but is clueless about adoption in the UK.  I pointed out she couldn't consent to surrender until her baby is six weeks, and, potential adoptive parents have to be approved first.  I got the impression from information given she thinks she can do a private adoption but private adoption is illegal in the UK.

There is so much information on the internet about adoption yet the same old rubbish seems to be spouted.  Attitudes don't seem to be changing either.